Single Reactor Ignition


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Mike and I have an important, bittersweet announcement to make when it comes to the blog. It’s an exciting run so far as I never really expected the blog to grow like it has when I first started it. Months ago when Mike asked me to be a guest on the blog I didn’t think it would turn into the friendship/partnership it turned into and I’m sure we’re both grateful for that. We thoroughly enjoy producing content for the community and being heavily involved in as many outlets as we can possible get ourselves into. You may be reading this and thinking “wait, are they done producing content” and the answer is: no way.

This past week we were asked to join the Fifth Trooper Network and we happily accepted. With this we will be re-directing and moving all of the posts from the blog over to  and everything going forward from the two of us will be on there as well. We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity Jay and everyone over at the Fifth Trooper Network is giving us and we’re extremely excited for what the future holds for us with this move! Thanks to you, the readers, for enjoying (hopefully) our content and hope you follow us on our next great endeavor!


-Zach and Mike